Synchronicity 034 – A a r i s t o s [Electronic | Techno | Melodic]

For our next podcast we have a new guest ” A a r i s t o s ” from Stuttgart, Germany. Dive in and check out some of his unique electronica and techno. We absolutely love his style!

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1) Words of Niō – Musica Universalis (Instrumental)
2) Kuriose Naturale – Alaz (Innellea Remix)
3) Walking Witzh Kings – Ayan
4) Gorkiz & V-Cious – Minder (Arude Remix)
5) Federico Locchi & C.S.R. – Magunda (Tone Depth Remix)
6) Talking Machines – Octarine
7) 98U – Exceed (Original Mix)
8) Simon Sizer – Aconit
9) In Anima – Beyond the Past (Erly Tepshi Remix)
10)Sarcasmo – Coincidence (Nairo Remix)
11) Simon Prod – Acid Field


Otoktone – Sphere [Techno | Electronic]


Artist: Otoktone
Release Title: Sphere
Release Date: December 1, 2017
Style: Techno, Electronic,
Track 1 – Sphere
Track 2 – Advice

Catalog: A020

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Synchronicity 032 – SAMAHA [Downtempo – Electronica – Chillout]

For our next guest mix we have a super chill mix for you by “Samaha (Anthony Samaha)” a DJ / Producer from Seattle, United States with sound he describes as weird techno/deep house/vibey things.

Synchronicity 032 - SAMAHA [Downtempo - Electronica].png

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1. Wellspring – Scott Nice feat. Nathan Hall & Ananda Vaughan
2. Tranca (Lipy Remix) – Makina
3. Pump Up the Jam (Intiche Edit) – Technotronic
4. Canopee – Polo & Pan
5 . Ani Kuni – Craig Bratley
6. Zafin Ghost – Aleherion
7. Oore – Paax (Tulum) feat. Nelson William
8. Worak – Ameli Paul
9. Aphrodite – Township Rebellion
10. Govinda Hare – Sangeet
11. Fidji – Lunar Disco
12. Aurora – Yor Kultura
13. Triptych Vision (Valerion Remix) – Hrag Mikkel
14. Decoy – Be Svendsen
15. Art in Quadrat (Powel Remix) – Arara
16. Catastrophe – Modd
17. Opening Act – Andrew Bayer

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Synchronicity 031 – Mixed By Frantic [Techno]

Once again Frantic from Rudolstadt, Germany, creates our next synchronicity podcast! This sick mix is definitely going to make you bounce this weekend. We absolutely love it, dive in!

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Track List:

01. Egbert – Elektriciteit (Original Mix)
02. Enrico Sangiuliano – Blooming Era (Original Mix)
03. Teenage Mutants & Heerhorst – Concorde
04. Few Nolder – Clouds (2017 Rework)
05. Hidden Empire – Not the End
06. Alan Fitzpatrick – We Do What We Want (Original Mix)
07. Thomas Schumacher, Victor Ruiz – Geist (Original Mix)
08. Mees Salomè – Ignorance Is Bliss (Original Mix)
09. 2Pole – Illusion
10. Voellig – Bazar (Original Mix)
11. Dino Lenny – Shoot Me to the Sky (Maceo Plex Remix)
12. Ambivalent – Portmanteau
13. Johannes Heil – Exile 007 B2
14. Dusty Kid – Feelers (Original Mix)
15. Victor Ruiz – Voyage
16. Lane 8 – March of the Forest Cat
17. Project Lazarus – Dreamer (Astraer Remix)
18. Mahmut Orhan – Game of Thrones (Remix)

Synchronicity 030 – Mr. Phoenix [Melodic Techno | Neo Trance]

Mr Phoenix creates our next Synchronicity podcast starting with his remix of our latest release by astraer. Enjoy these melodic signals from deep space.

Mr Phoenix: Soundcloud: @mr-phoenix-music | Facebook:

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1. Astraer – Until The Flood (Mr. Phoenix – Remix)
2. tEho – Issue 1
3. Rauschhaus – Tunnel Vision
4. Bassmelodie – In My Head : In My Head (Th Moy Remix)
5. Dahu – Desolate (Clawz SG Remix)
6. In-Dika – Alone With All (Original Mix]
7. Marascia – It’s the Inside That Counts (Original Mix)
8. Anders – Je suis
9. Mr-Phoenix – Expanse
10. Otoktone – Sonufhe (Original Mix]
11. Marek Hemmann – Alice

Kernow MIDI – smthn – Interference

Our partner label Kernow MIDI has released debut track by smthn, his first official release and shows his talents lie in making downtempo chilled future bass music. Expect the unexpected but not too unexpected but expect some expectedness.

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Astraer – When The Sky Turns Grey EP [Techno | Melodic]

Astraer - When The Sky Turns Grey EP.png

Joseph Papadopoulos, a member of Mood Krafterz and Psychic Ströpharia, will continue to expand his diverse repertoire as a solo artist under the moniker of Astraer with a brand new release from ALTOSPIN Records due out later this summer. Entitled ‘When The Sky Turns Grey,’ the artist’s new EP includes six tracks that delve into his diverse sonic explorations as a melodic techno and neo trance-producer.

‘When The Sky Turns Grey’ houses some of Astraer’s most remarkable musical feats to date, perfectly blending ambient synthesizers, droning beats, and reverberated, ethereal landscapes into wonderfully compelling pieces of instrumental music. From the pensive, intricate ‘The Rain Falls’ to the surreal, sharply produced ‘Until The Flood,’ the new EP is set to be another extraordinary entry in Astraer’s catalog at ALTOSPIN.

Astraer - When The Sky Turns Grey EP.jpg

The songs on this latest release are similar to Astraer’s previously work, however, in the sense that they’re conduits for some of his most infectious melodies to date. “I think when music, especially techno music, has melodies, it makes it more accessible,” Astraer said in an interview with the Independent Spotlight music blog. “I do like techno tracks without melodies, but melodic techno is the genre in which I feel the most comfortable.”

Astraer’s ‘When The Sky Turns Grey’ is due out later this year with the tracks: ‘When The Sky Turns Grey,’ ‘The Rain Falls,’ ‘From The Nimbostrati,’ and Until The Flood.’ The EP also includes two remixes by fellow ALTOSPIN artists, Mr. Phoenix and Project Lazarus. To keep best updated with the release of the EP, connect with Astraer and ALTOSPIN on their respective websites below.astraer altospin techno.jpg