For our next podcast we have a new guest ” A a r i s t o s ” from Stuttgart, Germany. Dive in and check out some of his unique electronica and techno. We absolutely love his style!

Also available on:
➤ Soundcloud:
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1) Words of Niō – Musica Universalis (Instrumental)
2) Kuriose Naturale – Alaz (Innellea Remix)
3) Walking Witzh Kings – Ayan
4) Gorkiz & V-Cious – Minder (Arude Remix)
5) Federico Locchi & C.S.R. – Magunda (Tone Depth Remix)
6) Talking Machines – Octarine
7) 98U – Exceed (Original Mix)
8) Simon Sizer – Aconit
9) In Anima – Beyond the Past (Erly Tepshi Remix)
10)Sarcasmo – Coincidence (Nairo Remix)
11) Simon Prod – Acid Field

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