Synchronicity 028 is here and mixed by a new DJ | Producer “Stulla” very sick mix with loads of wicked tunes. His future sounds live between tech house and melodic techno. We are sure your going to hear allot more about this artist so make sure to keep your eyes open! Enjoy….

Synchronicity 028 - Stulla [Melodic | Techno | Neotrance]

Available on:
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➤ YouTube:

Artist Links:
➤ Soundcloud:
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Tracks names are:
1. Stulla – Old Friend (Original Mix)
2. Jos & Eli – Listen to Yourself (Original Mix)
3. Nocturna – Pigmental (Original Mix)
4. Bass Bumpers – The Music’s Got Me (Township Rebellion remix)
5. Mumbaata – Oasis (Original Mix)
6. Dashdot – Hope (Original Mix)
7. Silent Lake – Fallen Lords (Original Mix)
8. Mr. Phoenix – Babe (Original Mix)
9. Giorgia Angiuli – Inner Line (Original Mix)
10. Clint Stewart & Stephan Hinz – Fall To Earth (Original Mix)
11. Victor Ruiz – Interstellar (Original Mix)


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