Synchronicity 032 – SAMAHA [Downtempo – Electronica – Chillout]

For our next guest mix we have a super chill mix for you by “Samaha (Anthony Samaha)” a DJ / Producer from Seattle, United States with sound he describes as weird techno/deep house/vibey things.

Synchronicity 032 - SAMAHA [Downtempo - Electronica].png

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1. Wellspring – Scott Nice feat. Nathan Hall & Ananda Vaughan
2. Tranca (Lipy Remix) – Makina
3. Pump Up the Jam (Intiche Edit) – Technotronic
4. Canopee – Polo & Pan
5 . Ani Kuni – Craig Bratley
6. Zafin Ghost – Aleherion
7. Oore – Paax (Tulum) feat. Nelson William
8. Worak – Ameli Paul
9. Aphrodite – Township Rebellion
10. Govinda Hare – Sangeet
11. Fidji – Lunar Disco
12. Aurora – Yor Kultura
13. Triptych Vision (Valerion Remix) – Hrag Mikkel
14. Decoy – Be Svendsen
15. Art in Quadrat (Powel Remix) – Arara
16. Catastrophe – Modd
17. Opening Act – Andrew Bayer

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Synchronicity 031 – Mixed By Frantic [Techno]

Once again Frantic from Rudolstadt, Germany, creates our next synchronicity podcast! This sick mix is definitely going to make you bounce this weekend. We absolutely love it, dive in!

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Track List:

01. Egbert – Elektriciteit (Original Mix)
02. Enrico Sangiuliano – Blooming Era (Original Mix)
03. Teenage Mutants & Heerhorst – Concorde
04. Few Nolder – Clouds (2017 Rework)
05. Hidden Empire – Not the End
06. Alan Fitzpatrick – We Do What We Want (Original Mix)
07. Thomas Schumacher, Victor Ruiz – Geist (Original Mix)
08. Mees Salomè – Ignorance Is Bliss (Original Mix)
09. 2Pole – Illusion
10. Voellig – Bazar (Original Mix)
11. Dino Lenny – Shoot Me to the Sky (Maceo Plex Remix)
12. Ambivalent – Portmanteau
13. Johannes Heil – Exile 007 B2
14. Dusty Kid – Feelers (Original Mix)
15. Victor Ruiz – Voyage
16. Lane 8 – March of the Forest Cat
17. Project Lazarus – Dreamer (Astraer Remix)
18. Mahmut Orhan – Game of Thrones (Remix)

New ALTOSPIN Artist, Ambrela, To Release Neo Trance Single

On Saturday, July 1, ALTOSPIN Records will unveil ‘Round Wishes,’ the label’s first release of music from their newly signed artist Ambrela. The complex, enthralling new double single beautifully melds neo trance and

a018-ambrela-around-wishes-neo-trane-melodic-techno.pngmelodic techno stylings together into a marvelously memorable sound completely unique to the Russian electronic musician.

Ambrela is the artistic moniker of Ilia Svirukov, an artist h

ailing from Samara, a Russian city on the eastern bank of the Volga River. Since he began the Ambrela project in 2011, Svirukov has gained an international following. His mantra is to not limit oneself and to show people the world around them in different shades and colors.

The ALTOSPIN release will feature two singles, ‘Around Wishes’ and ‘Signals.’ The former is an atmospheric, futuristic exploration of electronic themes, while the latter is a gorgeously beautiful journey through reverb-soaked synthesizers and unforgettable instrumental hooks. This, of course, makes Ambrela a perfect fit in the ALTOSPIN family.

1.pngIn 2015, Los Angeles’ KX 93.5 raved about Ambrela’s sound, saying “when it comes to melodic techno from the amazingly talented Russian recording artist Ambrela, you will absolutely feel his heart and soul in every arrangement of the timbres.”

Fans can connect with Ambrela and ALTOSPIN Records online below to stay best updated on upcoming releases, events, and more!

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Synchronicity 027 – Domenik Mahtz [Deep House | Melodic | Tech]

Synchronicity 027 - Giovanni Geltino

Next Synchronicity podcast is here and mixed by our DJ “Giovanni Geltino” from Germany. This is his second edition to our sync podcast and we absolutely love it. He spined for us some good deep house with a mix of tech! Start moving!

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1. Tiga vs Audion – Let’s go dancing (Solomun Remix)
2. Dario D’Attis & David Aurel – Jack (Original Mix)
3. Dennis Cruz – Mad (Original Mix)
4. Bontan – The First Time (Original Mix)
5. Monkey Safari – Dodge (Victor Ruiz Remix)
6. Kollektiv Turmstraße – Blutsbrüder (Original Mix)
7. ARTBAT & Rafael Cerato – Uplift (Original Mix)
8. Anton Dhouran – Osmekha (Original Mix)

Synchronicity 023 – Mixed By Franz Heart (Techno | Electronic | Melodic]

We got another one form our DJ Franz Heart. Again he brings melodic techno signal your way. Now you have something to bounce to this weekend.

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Synchronicity 023 - Mixed By Franz Heart (Techno | Electronic | Melodic] - COVER.png

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Synchronicity 021 – Mr Phoenix [Melodic Techno]

Please welcome our new DJ and Producer Mr. Phoenix straight from London, UK. He throws together the next synchronicity podcast that is filled with deep melodic techno. Very sick mix and a must for your playlist!


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1 Ben Webe – Freyja
2 Third Son – Geometry (Solee Remix)
3 Martin Merkel – Cherry on the Cake
4 Rauschhaus – Astronaut
5 Rosario Galati – I Don’t Need You : I Don’t Need You (Simone Vitullo Remix)
6 Project Lazarus – Dreamer (Original Mix)
7 Arnas D, Donatello, Stefano Richetta – This Is (Original Mix)
8 Aemes – High Five (Township Rebellion Remix)
9 Mondkrater – Aphelion (Original Mix]
10 Anders. – Paris, Mon Amie
11 Boss Axis – Andromeda


Synchronicity 017 – Mixed By DTH [Deep House| Tech House | Dance]


Please welcome our guest DJ “DTH” coming all the way from Tehran. His mix is intense, energetic and has loads of vocals. This will be a great add-on to your dance music mix collection. Start Your Dance!

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Track List:
01. Noah`s Dark – Inward (Original Mix)
02. Oliver Huntemann – Magnet (Victor Ruiz Remix)
03. Claude VonStroke & Green Velvet – Mind Yo Bizness (Original Mix)
04. Tapesh – Tight (Original Mix)
05. Pavel Petrov – Breath (Original Mix)
06. Sabb feat. J.U.D.G.E – Enclose (Animal Trainer Remix)
07. Wehbba – Trust (Original Mix)
08. Pavel Petrov – Ayahuasca (Original Mix)
09. Kolabus – Bleep (Original Mix)
10. Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Sorry I Am Late (Original Mix) 11. Buitrago – Groovy (Original Mix)
12. Mason – Get Back! (Original Mix)
13. Pan-Pot – Lose Yourself (Marcel Fengler Remix)
14. Michael Mayer & Kolsch – Germination (Original Mix)