For Synchronicity 19 we are proud to present our new DJ Matthias R. Cienfuegos from Hamburg, Germany. This podcast will give you the chills! Minimal & melodic techno signals will take you for a ride into the unknown. Get ready!Matthias R. Cienfuegos2.jpg

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Artist Links:
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Track List:
1. Tool8 – Venus
2. Robben Cepeda – Magical Journey (Endless Mystery Remix)
3. David Lacroix – Forgotten (Sefly Remix)
4. Hells Kitchen – Parade of Planets (Original Mix)
5. John Kah, WittyProd – Accelerated (Original Mix)
6. RezQ Sound – Cosmic Dust (Minitronix Remix)
7. Astraer – Noctcaelador (Original Mix)
8. Sefly – End of Love (Original Mix)
9. Alex ll Martinenko – Beautiful Far (Dipaziv Remix)
10. nonus – Flood (Miami Edit)


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