Astraer – Lithium – Press


Astraer, a project from Joseph Papadopoulos, a member of Mood Krafterz and Psychic Ströpharia, is preparing to release a new EP, ‘Lithium,’ on ALTOSPIN Records. Hailing from Rennes, Astraer elegantly combines melodic techno and neo-trance musings to create wholly authentic, remarkably stunning soundscapes. The EP, chock-full of sonic diversity and nuance, is set to be an outstanding entry in ALTOSPIN’s growing catalog.

‘Lithium’ will release on ALTOSPIN with two brand new tracks: the title track and ‘Space Brass.’ The titular track of ‘Lithium’ is an ethereal, surreal affair. Astraer’s epic new song spans nearly seven minutes of aural waterfalls rising and falling with fantastic tact. The B-side, ‘Space Brass,’ is an even longer excursion through pounding, danceable beats and infectious, fascinating synthesizer experimentations.

In an Independent Spotlight interview last June, Astraer delved into his unique creative process in some further detail. “I try to bring different ambiances to different tracks,” he mused. “But I also try to link them – to develop a logic between all my tracks, and to have a coherent musical universe behind the Astraer project.”

‘Lithium’ is Astraer’s sophomore release on the ALTOSPIN label. While the release date is to be announced, fans can keep up to date with Astraer and the label via their official website and social networking below to be notified as soon as the release is announced!